Solar Cooler

Solar Coolers are similar to Normal air coolers but the only difference being that they works on Solar Power produced directly from the Solar Panels or from a 12 Volt battery. During daytime whenever sufficient sunlight is available the DC Current produced by the Solar panel directly powers the Air Cooler. In cases of low Sunshine or during the night times a battery backup is required to run the Cooler. The advantage of using such a type of cooler is that it is economical because it works on your own made electricity with help of solar panels.

We are going to produce air coolers that work with solar panels to provide sufficient cooling for users at very low prices.

Our Solar Coolers Features:

    • Runs on sun - light (direct from solar panels) .
    • Battery may be used for power back for low sun shine time or for night
    • Eco – User friendly, Easy to Install & Operate.
    • Designed to provide air for one or two persons or small rooms.
    • Aamazingly low price