Solar Power Systems

Solar power System (also Known As Solar Power Plants) consists of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters or Converter, Charge Controllers, Batteries etc.  Solar Panels converts Sun light to electricity & store them in batteries and with help of inverter we can run our electric items like fan, TV, Frieze, Water motor just like normal power supply.

Solar Power Plants for areas having no electric supply

Solar Power systems may work standalone means no electric connection is needed. So they work good in areas where no light connections are available from electricity board.  These solar systems eliminate or even lower need of generators to produce electricity. This will cut off high cost of electricity generated by generators as diesel and petrol are costly in comparison.

Solar Power Plants for areas having electric supply

These systems may work along with electric supply. They will provide power for the time when electric supply is down in day sunshine time and charge our batteries for power back needed at other times when electric supply is down.

Solar Power Systems from Star Solar

We are providing Solar systems in different sizes & specifications starting for basic home user to big commercial & industrial users like Petrol Pumps, Guest Houses etc .  We can install these as per customer’s requirements. We are using high quality solar panels from our company and batteries, inverter & other items from well known reliable companies.